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Changing my brand name.

Lacquer, lace, boudoir and everything nice…

Hi y’all, its Damola here. Y’all ready for this? I’m going to tell you how my brand name came to be “Lacquer and Lace Ng” and why it needs to go. Also, I am ushering the new name in with a fun editorial shoot too!

So a lot of you guys have been supporting me right from when my IG name was “My Pookie Polish”. That was August of 2014. I was a newbie to nail art. I came up with the name from looking at other nail bloggers’ IG, go figure. Well, most people sounded super cute, girly and fun so I thought “pookie polish” fit the bill perfectly so I went with that. Thing is I’m Fun but not girly, cute but not entirely cuddly; so it didn’t take long for that name to grate on my nerves. It just wasn’t me.

So back to the drawing board I went. I didn’t want anything that would make me think of the color pink or anything cuddly. So I thought to myself, “I’m gonna go sexy”, I’m thinking lace, leather, naughty *wiggles eyebrows*. So I thought of boudoir; I absolutely love boudoir. (Maybe I should do a boudoir shoot next *pensive*). Well I very well could not put “boudoir” in my name; people are gonna think I sell lingerie or paint nails in my underwear.

So I thought I’ll stick with the “Lace” part of the whole thing and throw the “Lacquer” in there somewhere. So Lacquer and Lace was born! But wait, How would they know I’m based in Nigeria?! I tend to get asked about that all the time. its not easy growing a brand with such international standard of work (allow me gloat for a second please…hehehe)

Anyhoo, I slapped “NG” in there to rep my beautiful country. And Lacquer and Lace Ng was born! I changed my name on IG and went on my merry way painting nails and spreading the word. Problem now was that its now a really looooong name, it’s a mouthful. Lesson to all, when you are trying to build a brand, go with the most unique name that is simple and short and rolls off the tongue nicely. You’ll thank me later 😉

Reactions I got ranged from “please spell that” to “please repeat that” to “do I have it all?”. Out of frustration, I just grab their phone (nicely) and spell it correctly. You see where I’m going with this, way too much work! Another change was definitely in order. Something sweet, short, represents me as a person and what I’m about.

So when I launched my business for custom designed press-on nails, I took the opportunity to sample names. Didn’t need to look far, no other name will encompass everything that i am than my own name.

So my new brand name for everything that concerns me will be

Lacquer By Damola

*Feels good to slap my name on there. Typical Nigerian Woman, I am*

With this change of name announcement comes a little project of mine that I put together for pure artistic pleasure and expression. Not sure what to call it yet, maybe you guys can help with that. As you can see, I’m not the best at naming things; I’m just about getting good artistic content out. I was thinking “Creative Collaboration” or “Creative Collective”. You can leave a comment below and let me know the name you prefer.

Anyway, Its all about bringing Creatives together and allowing them Creative Freedom to show what they can do.

Really enjoyed doing this; A big thank you to all those that took part in it. Pictures are below. The theme was GOLD… (Well, it started with gold but it ended with something else 😀 ). I posted these nails a little while back on my Instagram. Quick! Follow me on Instagram here if you want to see sneak peeks and behind the scenes videos of projects like this.


Gold Nails 01

Gold Nails 02

Gold Nails 03 What Is In A Name? Changing My Brand Name

The Creatives who worked on this Collaboration are

Nails: Lacquer By Damola (That’s me!)

Photography: Gunzography

Hair: Locitude

Makeup: Adorable

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