So its bad, we know. Its never been this bad before. Probably. But the ways we react to situations around us not only define us but also sets the stage for what is to come our way. I choose to look forward, make use of every opportunity that comes my way and listen to my guts.

I have seen people make use of the tiniest opportunity and succeed, they go for what they want until they win; like warriors.  I have always thought myself to be the “Grab the bull by the horns” kinda girl but lately I have slowed down. To be honest, I have just stopped “attacking”. I could say Life just happened to me but it is time to put my game face on and stand with the warriors.

I reproduced an artwork by Jonna Lamminaho (@Scandy_girl) called “Warrior”.

#IStandWithTheWarriors #WarriorVibes

Warrior (insert: artwork by Jonna Lamminaho (@Scandy_girl)