Flower Power

I have always loved the idea of having a garden with lots of flowers, all blooming and looking delicious. I’d picture myself walking through my garden; red roses to the right, lilies to the left and just taking it all in.

One time when I was little, we had this single plant in our garden that bloomed with this lovely white flower. Our gardener said to water it sparingly, gave me this job to do (O.C waterer). With pride, I’d water it every morning! And surely, it bloomed and flowered. One single flower was all it gave me but I didn’t mind because I finally had my very own flowering plant to tend to. Then the flower started to wither, I was distraught. One by one the petals fell until there was just a stub left. It took a couple of months before another flower bud bloomed. Too much waiting, if you ask me. So, I settled for buying flowers instead but then I’d get distraught when they started to die. Picture me on my knees waving my hands at the ceiling and screaming “Whhhhhyyyyyy!!!”, dead flowers strewn around me.

Now I just paint flowers on my nails. I’ve got my own garden on my nails without the heartache. Enjoy!


Header Image courtesy www.wildnorthflowers.com