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Err…. Is this thing on *taps mic*.

Um. Hi! I’m Damola, welcome to my blog.

Art is my passion, and I think its great!   Inspiration is all around you. I dream my painting and then paint my dream.

I used to draw a lot on paper but in 2015 I found an even better medium, nail polish. So now, I paint crazy stuff on nails, some times I’ve be known to add stick, stones, paper and all sorts of other stuff (perfectly normal) .  What’s not to love about wearable art, right?!

Now, truth be told, I never bothered about painting my nails until i discovered nail art. Now, its weird not having some form of nail art on my nails. Nail Art is like taking your idea of beauty and showing it out there for the world to see, daring anyone to criticize.

So, enter my world…

I have pictures and tutorials on nail art, nail care, reviews of  products I adore, giveaways and notice of events around the beauty community.

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The L Word, Lacquer…Good Vibes…

Peace Out!